Isolated by great natural barriers, Tibet has evoked a certain magic and mystery and tantalized the imagination of the western world. A century ago, a visit to Lhasa took stamina, nerve and a good deal of luck, but now, considerably easier, a tour to this region showcases a unique and highly developed culture, with religion at its very core. The Tibetan plateau, high and desolate is extraordinary in its pristine beauty and ruggedness. Dominated by an intensely blue sky and vast open spaces of clear light and pure color, people live in a timeless setting.The old ways truly thrive here and visits to monasteries and temples are an integral part of any visit to Tibet. Travel in this part of the world is not always easy, but rewards with glimpses of a land and people unlike any other. Himalayan Treasures & Travel has a long association with Tibet. For the new millennium we offer an expanded programme of departures, new destinations and private itineraries to respond from the requests from our clients, many of whom have previously visited Nepal and now want to expand their horizons across the Himalayas to explore the worldís highest country. Himalayan Treasures & Travel’s tours include bed & breakfast accommodation throughout Tibet. For treks and expeditions in Tibet, when camping and trekking is indicated, MTN supplies all meals and brings its own Sherpa staff and equipment from Nepal to provide full support and service.


Mt. Kailash_5431_E

Mt Kailash by Helicopter

$3,280 per person 11 Days Days Scheduled Departure
This ultimate journey to Mt. Kailash famed as the 'Center of the Universe' by charter Helicopter gives you a once-in-a-lifetime...
Exploring Tibet Tour


$1,825 per person 8 Days Private Journey
A private departure that begins with a magnificent flight across the Himalayan chain where several days are spent exploring the...


$1,520 per person 8 Days Private Journey
In Gems of Tibet tour we take you to the selected gems hidden in plain sight...We begin our journey exploring...