yoga treks in Nepal

Yoga Treks in Nepal

Yoga Treks in Nepal combines the best of adventure and the ancient way of connecting to your inner self that also provides exponential benefit to the body. While the benefits of yoga are several, the advantages of increase in flexibility, muscle strength, improved respiration, energy and vitality, cardio and circulatory help, and improved athletic performance are the major ones that resonate to the adventure of trekking. On the other hand, when you go for trekking into the wilderness of natural Nepal, you explore the outer world, experience diversity in terms of wildlife, terrain, cultures and traditions.  Combining the benefits of these, yoga treks in Nepal offer you something that you never had experienced before in traditional packages. Then why combine yoga and trekking? Let’s find out.


Why Yoga and trekking combined?

Yoga treks in Nepal combine the yoga and trekking adventures to create a unique package for the trekkers and explorers. The major reasons to combine these two includes, the attempt to give variation to the trekkers and help trekkers complete their adventure with more endurance and internal strength received from regular trekking. The benefits of yoga as mentioned above are very helpful for trekkers exploring the hilly and mountainous terrains of Nepal.

If you go for a yoga trek in Nepal, your day shall generally start with a session of yoga and meditation which shall make you more energized and less prone to the small injuries and altitude related ailments to certain extent. Morning session shall prepare you for the long walks during the day. The yoga session at the end of the day shall make your body feel relaxed thereby help you enjoy a sound sleep. Another reason yoga and trekking is combined is that the pleasure derived from yoga treks is more than the case when you are going for trekking only.

On top of that, Nepal is perfect for practicing yoga. In these mountains ancient sage developed their knowledge. In modern era as well, you shall be able to immerse yourself into a land and people that resonate with ancient yogic wisdom. So combining trekking and yoga shall be beneficial for you in many ways.


Yoga treks in popular trekking destinations

Offering yoga with adventure in the popular trekking destinations is a relatively recent trend among the trekking companies in Nepal. You shall have yoga trekking experiences in the Everest region in the packages such as Everest Panorama Trek, Everest View Trek and so on. Some trekking companies have combined trekking in the short treks such as Ghorepani Poonhill, Chisapani Nagarkot, Chitlang and so on. Besides, you can also find companies blending in yoga and trekking in the longer trekking routes such as Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Pokhara has recently being emerged as the popular trail-head for the yoga trekking to the popular trekking destinations in this region. The trekking packages being offered links the package with sacred destinations, dedicated mostly to Hindu and Buddhist deities of Lord Shiva and Guru Rimpoche respectively, to bring more significance to this blend of yoga and adventure trekking.


Yoga treks in Nepal basically are the confluence of ancient practice of yoga and meditation, and the thrill of adventure derived from trekking in rugged Himalayan terrains. This combination has helped the trekkers and adventure seekers to have relaxation, better enjoy the adventure and shield themselves from minor injuries and problems. In turn, the trekking companies and trekkers themselves benefit from better engagement and diverse experiences. If you are an adventure seeker who wishes to go for this blend of trekking and yoga practice, go for Yoga Treks in Nepal with Himalayan Treasures and Travel.


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