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Top Short Treks in Nepal

“You have to get lost before you can be found”

Trekking has become a very vital part of Nepal’s economy. There are many kinds of Treks available currently in Nepal but for the people who have less time to go on a long Trek, short treks are the one for them. These short and easy treks in Nepal are sure to leave you astonished with their own unique beauty without much physical hardship. Nepal offers variety of treks to all types of trekking enthusiasts. From the world’s most extreme trek, “the great Himalayan Trail” to the most beautiful one day treks in the world, Nepal satisfies the desires of every type of trekking enthusiasts. If you wish to savor the beauty of trekking in this Himalayan paradise, but cannot afford the hard physical strain, then Nepal has a beautiful but yet easy treks to offer you.

Tourists always have loved Nepal as one of the main destinations for trekking. It has lots of routes and a short trip/trek can be arranged easily for those who have a tight schedule to cover. Below is the list of Top Short Treks of Nepal:

1-Everest Panorama Trek

This trek takes you into the heart of the Everest Region of Nepal. After a spectacular flight to Lukla you’ll hike the first 4 days of the Everest Base Camp trail, until you reach Tengboche Monastery with its amazing views on Ama Dablam. Everest Panorama trek will be the best way to experience Nepal in a short period of time in the foothills of Mount Everest. A combination of Everest region trekking tour gives you the best of adventure activities in Nepal. Everest Base Camp trekking is a dream come true for most of the adventurers but if you think that you want to include many other adventure activities while you are in Nepal and you have short period of time, then this Everest region trekking up to a beautiful mountain town of Tengboche.

2-Ghorepani Trek

The 4-day Ghorepani trek, in the Pokhara region, leads trekkers to the famous viewpoint of Poon Hill. The usual route follows a loop via Ghandruk on the way out. Ghorepani Poon Hill trek is a 5 day long trip to one of the most famous places in the Annapurna region, which used to be the main pass for Tibetan traders to get to Pokhara from Mustang. The trek is considered to be one of the best treks in Nepal.  The trail is blessed with vantage points where you get to witness the magnificent Dhaulagiri and Annapurna during beautiful sunrises. The Ghandrung village is a beautiful balance between nature and culture- an ethnic Gurung village with rich traditions and Buddhist culture with the panoramic view of Annapurna range embracing the entire skyline.

3-Kathmandu Valley Trek (Nagarkot / Dhulikhel)

For those with only a few days to spare in Nepal, this 2-day trek will give you a taste of trekking in Nepal and still offers great views on the mountains. The trailhead of this 2-day trek is easily reached within an hour drive from the center of Kathmandu. You’ll stay overnight in the village of Nagarkot, with its famous sunrise views on the Himalayas. Guided by expert trekking guides, this trek is ideal for those trekkers having shorter time to witness and experience a typical trekking day in Nepal. This trek can be done all over the year and by all trekkers’ even kids and old people.

4- Ghandruk Trek

This classic 3-day trek in the Pokhara region leads you through vegetable paddies and stone stairs to the picturesque village of Ghandruk. The views on Annapurna south are spectacular. The Ghandruk Cultural trek is an easy one through comfortable trails with a maximum 6 hours of trekking a day. With no risk of altitude sickness and other problems, the trek is best even for families with children or the elderly. The scenic mountain views are excellent from the various viewpoints however the highlight of the trek is the Gurung village where you get to indulge in the traditional customs and celebrations. On the trip, you traverse through lovely forests, lush hilly villages and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the different terrains that adorn the area.

5-Jomsom Trek

Another great option in the Annapurna region is to fly to Jomsom, via Pokhara, and get a taste of the Mustang area which resembles Tibet. To the north of Pokhara is a trekker’s paradise, famously known as the Jomsom trek. The trek in itself brings out the best that Nepal has to offer with the vast diversity along with high mountains and deep valley trails. In the Jomsom trek, one gets to sample differentiating geographical climates and terrains ranging from subtropical jungles to windy, dry plateau conditions which is a miniature picture of Tibet. Hikers are left in awe and wonder at such surreal scenery and culture. Cultures and traditions are unraveled to you, of both the high and low lands.

6- Pikey Peak

This 13,500 feet Pikey peak entwines with the Chyabe across east to west. Pikey peak, in the lower Everest Region, offers great views of Mount Everest from a distance. The trail follows the first part of the Everest trail from Jiri. The Pikey Daanda is most popular for its sunrise and sunset views and one can enjoy the glorious sight of the peaks beyond the Kathmandu Valley to the plains along with the Himalayan range of Mt. Everest, Makalu and Annapurna.

7-Shivapuri Trek

This short trek to the second highest hill surrounding the valley is for those who enjoy a comfortable trek. Shivapuri Trek allows you to enjoy the watershed, wildlife as well as the different birds and insects that vary according to the different seasons. As the trek can be done throughout the year, you can have a different experience of the flora and fauna at different times. While enjoying the sights of the valley below, the eastern mountain ranges you get to witness rural Nepali life between the sunsets and sunrises. From the various vantage points, you can see the mountains welcoming you with mesmerizing views which will make the hike worthwhile.

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