Tips for first time trekker in Nepal

Trekking in a beautiful mountainous country Nepal is an exhilarating experience. Nepal is quite famous for trekking and is popular destination for both novice as well as professional trekkers. If you are planning for a trek in Nepal and you have never trekked before, then this article definitely helps you for your upcoming trek. Follow the tips below to make your first trekking amazing and experience for life-time without unnecessary complications.

  1. Better for you to choose shorter treks in not so high altitudes

Nepal provides many trekking trials for trekkers. Some are more difficult, some are less comparatively. It’s better for you to start off easy by choosing shorter treks in not so high altitude regions if it is your first time. There are shorter treks in low altitude regions that are equally exhilarating if not more compared to longer difficult treks in very high altitudes.

  1. Use trekking agency or prepare enough to go independent

If it’s your first time, then it is better for you to go through trekking agency because it manages and organizes almost everything. It’s beneficial even for the most independent souls to use trekking agency, because it will save your time and you don’t have to be frustrated since all your arrangements are made by agency. Trekking agency will provide you an experienced English-speaking local guide who becomes your friend or partner for trekking. The guide will assist you, take you to the lesser known and newly recognized areas and provide you with information that is not mentioned in your guidebook. The trekking agency will also manage porters for you to carry all your belongings besides your day pack which you carry. There are some treks like Manaslu circuit trek where expert guide is mandatory. There are many trekking agencies in Nepal especially in Thamel area of Kathmandu. You have to be careful while choosing such agency considering cost, itinerary and others. You can go independent too but there are many chances for you on the way or trek to get confused, lost, unsure of and perplexed.

  1. Don’t expect luxuries of the cities

You should not only be physically prepared but mentally too. Keep in your mind that you are going for a trek in high altitude local areas away from luxuries of the cities. Don’t expect fancy hotels and cozy lodges in village areas. The tea houses and lodges of those villages are simple and do not have enough facilities like that of cities. Food is not cooked by professional chef there and menu of food is limited. You find eastern squat toilets common there and do not expect to take shower with warm water every day there. Understand that the food gets expensive as you move to higher altitude and more remote areas. No matter even if there are not enough facilities, be positive and experience nature in its original form.


  1. Listen to your body

This is an important tip for trekkers. Many of us might not have the habit of walking up the mountains. You might suffer from altitude sickness in high altitude. If you start to feel the symptoms of altitude sickness, then you should immediately inform to your guide and trekking partners. Before trekking, it’s much beneficial to know about altitude sickness, its symptoms, prevention and treatment. While trekking, if your body demands rest, then you should and never treat trek like a race.

  1. Rent items if possible

You require trekking items such as gears for trekking. Why to extravagant money buying items in high price if you can rent them in low price if you are not a regular hiker? Hiking gears can be rented as well in cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara. Renting items will save you enough money.

  1. Know about the country and people

Before trekking, it’s beneficial for you if you know something about the country Nepal and lifestyle of Nepalese people. You can simply check on Google to know about the local people of trekking areas, their language and lifestyle. If you know few Nepali words like ‘Namaste’, it becomes easier for you to connect to local people.

Hope, the above few tips are helpful to make your trekking experience exhilarating and unforgettable one. Have an amazing trekking in Nepal. Enjoy!!!

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