Things to do in Kathmandu

Things to do in Kathmandu

For newcomers to Kathmandu it can be a little overwhelming as Kathmandu has a lot of things going on at once. The capital city, Kathmandu has a welcomed many travelers and explorers to Nepal through its International Airport which makes people wonder what are the things they could do here while they stay in Kathmandu. So here we are about to be discussing about where and what you could be doing inside Kathmandu instead of sleeping and getting bored. And down below you shall see that I have listed some activities/things which you might want to do if you stay in Kathmandu.

Go for a spiritual trip around the valley


Kathmandu is considered as the city of thousand’s temple and so you can expect to see a lot of temples. Not only that but many historically and religiously important stupas and temples have been constructed around Kathmandu Valley. So it is a good alternative to explore these cultural heritages for a day while you stay in Kathmandu. You can go to Boudhanath, Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath and other places of Kathmandu in one go. It is certain that you will learn a lot about Nepalese religion if you decide to go for a spiritual/cultural tour.

Rickshaw Night Tour

Rickshaw Night Tour

Let’s begin our list with the all night long Rickshaw tours which you have to experience for yourself before saying anything about it. Yes it may sound a little weird at first but just think about every place and every country has their own unique specialties and just like that a Rickshaw night tour is one of the basic things you could do which represents how the way of normal people is here in Kathmandu. Yes, you can rent a private vehicle but what’s the glamour in that as that doesn’t let you get in touch with the actual beauty and dazzling lights of Kathmandu during the night. So it’s highly recommended to take a Rickshaw and just go for a ride.

Visit to ancient Nepalese Pottery Workshops

Nepalese Pottery

We Nepalese have always been keen into pottery and so it resembles the distinctive parts of our Nepalese culture. Pottery is an ancient art of making many kinds of vessels and is culturally and traditionally important so if you have a leisure time then you can find yourself a Pottery workshops around Thamel and spend some hours learning and observing the craftsman ship done in that workshop. It is surely be a good time to learn about the ancient practices of Nepalese culture and history. And who knows you might even get to learn some important and unknown facts about Nepal’s pottery.

Taste the local street food


Lastly if you love exotic foods and like trying different kinds of foods then Kathmandu is the perfect city for you. You may have tasted the top class foods prepared by top class chefs at some restaurant or hotel in Kathmandu but unless you try some of Kathmandu’s local street food, you cannot taste the authentic and genuine food of Nepalese cuisines. Just get of your hotel room and go for a stroll around, you are bound to find many food stalls in various parts near your hotel. Try some local street food and revitalize your taste buds.

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