Things to consider before you embark on multi-nation trip

In the life of every traveler who constantly looks for new destinations, there comes a time when you think of a multi-nation trip or travelling to international destinations. If you are somewhere close to that stage, you might be wondering on what are the things to be taken into consideration. Below are some of the major tips or areas to be considered when you are about to go for a multi-nation trip.

1. On Health and Security
This should be your first area of concern while travelling to international destinations. Make sure that you are registered with insurance company providing coverage for risks related to international or multi-nation trip. Go for vaccinations and a thorough check up few weeks prior to your abroad trip.
Make 2 copies of all your travel documents and passport in case of emergency, and either leave a copy of it with your family or a trusted person, or create an electronic copy of it. Carry a copy with you in your carry-on bag, in case the luggage is lost. Get information on visa requirements of the destination and start the process of obtaining visa well on time. Carrying some passport sized photographs shall come handy in many destinations, especially in developing nations. Most importantly, get registered with your embassy in that particular nation or find out the way to communicate with the nearby embassy. This ensures that you are secured and can be out of that nation safely.

2. Money and currency conversion
We are very sure that you don’t want to get stuck in foreign nation without a clue on how best you can manage monetary issues. Get proper information about the conversion rate, the use of traveler’s check or credit and debit card and conversion centers in the nation you are visiting. Make sure you have local cash or take with you small amount of currencies such as US dollar and find out if the nation charges you with any entry and/or exit fees.

3. Research about your destination
Make proper research about the destination(s) that you are visiting. Know the basics about the culture and tradition and the ‘things not to do’ so that you travel without offending the locals. For this you may want to have a guidebook which generally includes maps, keywords and other details on major sites. Do a proper research about the cuisines, festivals and other areas of interest so that you end up with a memorable trip. Make sure that you don’t leave the nation without tasting the dish it is known for! Also buy your tickets in advance so that you skip long lines and get favorable deals for you. Well informed makes you better off.

4. Practical things: gadgets and electronics
You obviously want to remain connected to the outer world, share things and use your gadgets during the trip. Carry on the charger adapter to adjust with the difference in voltage in various nations and note the voltage of your electronic gadgets. If possible, activate the international roaming service by consulting with your telecom operator or activate the phone’s global capabilities if possible. Find out some apps that shall support your travel into the nation you have never been to.

5. About packaging and luggage
Travelers who go for multi-nation trip, on many instances, find themselves in situation when your luggage is lost by airlines and you are left with no extra clothing to wear. To avoid this situation carry on an extra set of clothing in your hand carry bag. Get properly informed on the charges for excess baggage levied by airlines you are travelling through. If you take some time adjusting to the local food, bring in some snacks with you. This will help you adjust better.

Travelling is fun and you can end up with a great trip which you can cherish for lifetime, provided you give proper attention to these areas mentioned above. Take other precautions which you think is necessary, based on your experience, and enjoy being an explorer who goes finding out new things around the world. If you aspire of being a global traveler, go for it!

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