In quest of Solitude: to the lap of Nepalese Himalayas

Whether you are a passionate explorer or a lukewarm traveler, an outgoing extrovert or a reserved introvert, traveling to the vicinity of Himalayas must have been on the top of your wish list. The reasons may be several and your pursuit of adventure and solitude may be one of the explicit or implicit reasons. So where does the search of solitude and adventure in the Himalayas come together? Let’s explore this aspect of traveling.

The common ground for adventure in the Himalayas and your search of solitude is the diversity, novelty, natural and cultural richness and quaint trekking trails offered to you by the enchanting Nepal. Wouldn’t you like to have a quick look on the unique things Nepal has to offer you in this regard? Read on.

Breathtaking splendor and diversity in Everest and Annapurna region

This is one of major reason you should be trekking or exploring in Nepal for your solitude. The glory of following the footsteps of legendary Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hilary, the first Everest climbers, in the Everest region brings to you rich cultural ensembles of Sherpa community, challenging yet beautiful high altitude passes, scenic Himalayan vistas and remains of ancient civilization reflected in monasteries and stupas in Everest region. On the other hand, diverse terrain and altitude, resulting diversity of vegetation and wildlife, unique shaped peaks and inhabitation of various communities in the Annapurna region makes it special. Though filled with rush at the peak season, you shall find peace and solitude within this chaos in Everest and Annapurna region.

Kathmandu valley: a valley of beautiful chaos

When you first land in this medieval aged city immediately a chaos shall take a toll upon you. Buzzing traffic and rush markets may upset you. But wait! Kathmandu hides a beauty within this chaos. Explore the ancient heritages of three twin cities of this valley (Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur) and find solace be gifted to you. Buddhist pilgrimages of Swayambhunath and Boudhanath Stupas and Hindu sacred shrine of Pashupatinath Temple are enough to help you find solitude. The masterpieces in the Durbar Squares in these cities shall make you do the time travel.

Langtang: the valley of glaciers

Langtang name comes from Tibetan language where ‘Lang’ means Yak and ‘Tang’ means to follow, where myths have it that this valley was discovered by a monk who was following his lost yak that came towards this region. So what are you waiting for? Find the inner peace in the amazingly beautiful valley of Langtang with insight on Tamang culture, exploration of glaciers at relatively low altitude, quaint trails and authentic indigenous cultured villages. Its proximity to Kathmandu valley makes the access to this valley easier.

Unexplored and raw beauty of Manaslu

Travelled by around 6500 trekkers a year against more than 25000 in the Everest region and 100000 in the Annapurna, Manaslu region remains fairly unexplored and its authenticity rather untouched and unadulterated. As you traverse into the raw wilderness in the trails of this region and navigate through the dramatic valleys, circle around Manaslu, the 8th highest peak in the world and pay visit to ancient Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the Tsum valley of this region, you shall experience the solitude never felt before.

Unique landscape and ancient caves of Upper Mustang

Your search for solitude from the chaos of metropolis and deadlines at work has its perfect end in the semi-arid landscape of Upper Mustang. In this trans-Himalayan region, you shall get to explore the ancient walled city of Lo Manthang, whitewashed and quaint stupas and monasteries with quaint trails, Tibetan flavored culture and lifestyle, rain shadow areas and some weird looking rituals. You realize a different meaning of life after being here and receiver your share of solitude, peace and adventure you are looking for.

To conclude, your quest for adventure and solitude shall find their melting points in the vicinity of Himalayas, in Nepal. A region chosen by enlightened souls in the prehistoric eras and haven for explorers, adventure seekers and free-soul travelers, Nepalese Himalayas continues to be the symbol of accomplishment and adventure. Therefore, if you are a soul who seeks solitude and change from the hustle and bustle of metropolis and embarks on a journey to discover yourself while discovering the world, you are welcomed to Nepal, the Land of Himalayas.

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