Things to consider before you embark on multi-nation trip

In the life of every traveler who constantly looks for new destinations, there comes a time when you think of a multi-nation trip or travelling to international destinations. If you are somewhere close to that stage, you might be wondering on what are the things to be taken into consideration. Below are some of the major tips or areas to be considered when you are about to go for a multi-nation trip.

1. On Health and Security
This should be your first area of concern while travelling to international destinations. Make sure that you are registered with insurance company providing coverage for risks related to international or multi-nation trip. Go for vaccinations and a thorough check up few weeks prior to your abroad trip.
Make 2 copies of all your travel documents and passport in case of emergency, and either leave a copy of it with your family or a trusted person, or create an electronic copy of it. Carry a copy with you in your carry-on bag, in case the luggage is lost. Get information on visa requirements of the destination and start the process of obtaining visa well on time. Carrying some passport sized photographs shall come handy in many destinations, especially in developing nations. Most importantly, get registered with your embassy in that particular nation or find out the way to communicate with the nearby embassy. This ensures that you are secured and can be out of that nation safely.

2. Money and currency conversion
We are very sure that you don’t want to get stuck in foreign nation without a clue on how best you can manage monetary issues. Get proper information about the conversion rate, the use of traveler’s check or credit and debit card and conversion centers in the nation you are visiting. Make sure you have local cash or take with you small amount of currencies such as US dollar and find out if the nation charges you with any entry and/or exit fees.

3. Research about your destination
Make proper research about the destination(s) that you are visiting. Know the basics about the culture and tradition and the ‘things not to do’ so that you travel without offending the locals. For this you may want to have a guidebook which generally includes maps, keywords and other details on major sites. Do a proper research about the cuisines, festivals and other areas of interest so that you end up with a memorable trip. Make sure that you don’t leave the nation without tasting the dish it is known for! Also buy your tickets in advance so that you skip long lines and get favorable deals for you. Well informed makes you better off.

4. Practical things: gadgets and electronics
You obviously want to remain connected to the outer world, share things and use your gadgets during the trip. Carry on the charger adapter to adjust with the difference in voltage in various nations and note the voltage of your electronic gadgets. If possible, activate the international roaming service by consulting with your telecom operator or activate the phone’s global capabilities if possible. Find out some apps that shall support your travel into the nation you have never been to.

5. About packaging and luggage
Travelers who go for multi-nation trip, on many instances, find themselves in situation when your luggage is lost by airlines and you are left with no extra clothing to wear. To avoid this situation carry on an extra set of clothing in your hand carry bag. Get properly informed on the charges for excess baggage levied by airlines you are travelling through. If you take some time adjusting to the local food, bring in some snacks with you. This will help you adjust better.

Travelling is fun and you can end up with a great trip which you can cherish for lifetime, provided you give proper attention to these areas mentioned above. Take other precautions which you think is necessary, based on your experience, and enjoy being an explorer who goes finding out new things around the world. If you aspire of being a global traveler, go for it!


Hollywood actress Michelle Yeoh in Nepal

Jun 25, 2016- Renowned Hollywood actress Michelle Yeoh is in Nepal visit in her capacity as the UNDP Goodwill Ambassador.

She arrived Kathmandu on Wednesday to interact with parliamentarians on UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She was received by UNDP Country Director in Nepal, Renaud Meyer.

Yeoh met House Speaker Onsari Gharti magar, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Ananda Pokharel, among other lawmakers, on Friday.

“The people of Nepal aren’t simply looking for handouts they’re looking for a helping hand so that they can help themselves,” she said while talking to Parliamentarians at New Baneshwor on Friday, adding that the UNDP is ensuring that communities throughout the country are prepared to withstand and recover from disasters.

“I know that the Government of Nepal and UNDP have shared a long history of trust and credibility… a lasting and continuing partnership…over 50 years,” she said while addressing the Parliamentarians.

During the interaction Yeoh recalled last year’s April earthquake when she was in Nepal. She had left Nepal on the same day the devastating earthquake shook the country. This is Yeoh’s second visit to Nepal.

Yeoh visited different world heritage sites in the Kathmandu Valley. She was appointed UNDP goodwill ambassador in March.

(source:, June 25, 2016)


Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita receives Nat Geo’s award

Jun 19, 2016- Nepali mountaineer Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita has received the National Geographic 2016 People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year award in Washington DC, Akita shared pictures of her receiving the award on her Facebook page.
‘Thank you so much from bottom of my heart for each and everyone of you who supported me to this beautiful stage of life. I am so excited for this wonderful moment to be able to share with you all,’ Sherpa shared a status on Facebook.
Sherpa was named the National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year 2016 earlier on February.
Sherpa was born in Khumjung village in Solukhumbu. Having been brought up in close proximity to the mountains, she says her hobbies have always been related with trekking and mountaineering, which eventually developed interest in her to travel and explore new places.
In an interview with National Geographic, she told that she is currently working on a foundation to provide opportunities to attain education to women and girls.

(Source:, June 19, 2016)

Trekking in Annapurna

Which to choose: Everest Base Camp Trek or Annapurna Base Camp Trek? Let’s find out!


Now you have decided to go for a trekking in Nepal, the Land of Himalayas, right? Check. You want to embark on a life-changing trek in the mountains. Check. You want to explore the natural scenery, tasty cuisines, authentic lifestyles and rich cultures. Check. Are you going for Annapurna Base Camp Trek or for Everest Base Camp Trek? Error: answer not found?

Worry not dear trekkers! We are here to help you. One thing you need to remember is that no matter which trek you choose, you shall have an experience like never before and you will be left longing for another trek in the vicinity of Himalayas.

Let’s find out which trekking destination is matches your need!

Ease in getting there

For reaching the Everest region this might be the decisive question whose answer might decide your trek. If smaller airports and aircrafts aren’t your cup of tea, the flight to Lukla may be tough for you. But it ain’t as scary as it sounds; the scenery is just spectacular and incredible mountains greet you… In 1950sTenizng and Hillary had to walk by foot to reach Everest region, you have flights to travel. You just pray for fair weather.

Reaching Annapurna is rather easier. No small airports, plus you have good road transportation for reaching the starting point of the trek, the city of Pokhara. So you can either a short and scenic flight or a marvelous drive to the gateway of Annapurna.

Trekking Terrain

If you talk about trekking terrain, trekking to Everest base camp is more strenuous and difficult than Annapurna base camp. If you ask for a reason, the basic reason is altitude. For example, you find that you reach to the altitude of around 3400 meters in the second day of the trek in your trek to Everest base camp while to reach the same altitude you trek for around couple of days more. Trekking in higher altitude makes your do more effort due to thin density of air and thereby less oxygen.

In trekking for the Annapurna base camp you shall start from pretty lower altitude as compared to Everest region. But you still have to encounter pretty strenuous terrain during your trek. An additional advantage is that you generally start at one place and end at another place giving you diversity of scenery and terrain.


If you are trekking in Nepal for the Himalayas which are the biggest and the wildest you are perfectly fit for trekking into the Everest region. In this high altitude trek, you have the view of most spectacular scenery of mountains. Trek to Kalapatthar and Gokyo region has the lofty Himalayas surrounding you from all the sides.

Though you can have the view of high Himalayas in Annapurna region trek, the scenery is more different than Everest region. Starting with the lush hills and terraced fields, you shall be gradually reaching for the Himalayas through the rhododendron forests. With the Himalayas as constant backdrop of your trek, you have more diversity to view.

Additional Factors (Cultures, communities, cost and food)

Let’s first talk about the Everest Region. Everest region is dominated by the legendary Sherpa community who follow Buddhism as their religion. The trail has monasteries, prayer wheels and gompas adorned with prayer wheels and prayer flags radiating a spiritual feel. Regarding the cost Everest region is bit more expensive than Annapurna region. In both the regions, the food available isn’t much different, though you are likely to get more vegetables on the Annapurna trek.

Trekking to the Annapurna region takes you through more diverse communities and cultures. Lots of rural settlements are traversed through that maintain the allure of authenticity since long. You can have the traces of Hinduism as well as Buddhism in this trail. From Gurung and Magar communities to the Brahmin and Chhetris, you have a different vibe than in the Everest region. So, if you are looking for local cultural flavor in the trek, you should probably go for Annapurna region.

So, here you are! We hope that this discussion of ours has made your choice between two of the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal. Saying that the trend has it that trekkers generally end up going for another destination as well because Nepal is one of the countries where you can’t go for the trek just once.


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Monkeys in Svayambunath temple in Kathmandu

Nepal Tourism Board Announces 2073 as ‘Travel Year’

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) on Monday announced Bikram Sambat 2073 as ‘Ghumphir Barsa’, which means travel year, in a bid to promote domestic tourism. The initiative is part of the government’s preparations to organize International Tourism Year 2017-18.

A minister-level decision had approved the proclamation of Ghumphir Barsa last Friday.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli will make a special announcement of the programme, the first of its kind, on April 24 to commemorate the first anniversary of the April 25 earthquake.

“As our domestic tourism requires promotion, we have decided to conduct a wide promotional campaign to encourage domestic sightseers to travel in Nepal,” said Deepak Raj Joshi, CEO of the NTB. “The programme is part of the preparations to declare 2017-18 as International Tourism Year.”

The NTB has allocated a budget of Rs2 million to carry out promotional activities to make the programme a success.

The board will encourage the private sector to create special packages targeting Nepali travellers. “NTB will help the private sector to promote the tour packages,” said Joshi.

Likewise, the tourism promotional body has suggested to the government to allocate a separate budget for travel leave concessions for government employees in the next fiscal year. “Besides, the NTB has also planned to encourage the corporate sector to provide travel leave holidays.”

As per the plan, a booklet will be published describing the tour packages developed by travel and tour operators, the board said. In a bid to promote new destinations, travellers will be offered schemes and incentives, said Joshi.

“We are not aware of our geography as we have not travelled in Nepal,” said Ambica Shrestha, senior tourism entrepreneur and president of Dwarika’s Hotel. “Let’s visit Nepal and let the country move ahead. I believe this programme will encourage Nepalis to explore their country and promote tourism,” said Shrestha.

There are no statistics regarding domestic tourism in Nepal, but travel trade entrepreneurs said that the trend was on the rise owing to young travellers and adventure lovers who are exploring new ways of recreation.

They said that places like Pokhara, Chitwan, Muktinath and the Annapurna Circuit, among others, have been receiving a large number of domestic visitors due to a growing middle class.

source: the kathmandu post,12 april 2016

Nepal top country to be visit in 2016

Nepal Gets Global Appreciation as a ‘must Go’ Tourist Destination


Nepal is back in business! The land of Himalayas and abode of Gautam Buddha, Nepal, proudly presents to the world its treasure of rich cultural heritages and traditional values, architectural masterpieces, unique lifestyle of indigenous communities, scenic amusements and other natural extravaganza including the biodiversity, flora and fauna besides the diverse landscape, colorful festivals and excellent hospitality of the ever cheerful and resilient Nepalese. Nepal’s readiness to welcome guests to its land has been recognized by international travel publishers such as Rough Guide and governments around the globe as well as adventurers, travel enthusiasts and well-wishers of Nepal.


Forget about the news that spread after the devastating earthquake last year and other negative rumors. You have more positive things about this marvelous Himalayan nation. For your assurance about Nepal’s preparedness to host as the premium tourist destination once again below are some of the reliable international sources that recommended highly, the visit to Nepal


On December 2015, National Geographic Traveller Magazine included Nepal on the 6th position among the 16 ‘Cool’ countries to visit in 2016 ( Isn’t that some good news? “Tourist numbers to Nepal plummeted by 85 percent after the devastating earthquakes, but the country is once more open for business and safe to visit” says the UK based traveler magazine.


On January 2016, Rough Guides, one of the leading travel publishers in the world placed Nepal on top of the list of nations to visit in 2016 ( With varied landscapes—from the Himalayas to jungles inhabited by tigers, elephants and rhinos—Nepal should be your first choice for travel in 2016,” Rough Guides said. It further requests to spend thoughtfully and ensure that the money spent ends up in local pockets.


Trip Advisor has listed Kathmandu, the vibrant capital city of Nepal, on 23rd rank out of top 25 destinations under ‘2016 Travelers’ Choice Awards’ ( About Kathmandu, the only South Asian destination to feature on this list, Trip Advisor further writes “Nepal’s capital is surrounded by a valley full of historic sites, ancient temples, shrines, and fascinating villages. Mingle with locals and animals amid Durbar Square’s monuments, or join mountain trekkers in the bustling Thamel district. Explore shops for exquisite work by local artisans-carpets and paper prints are specialties.”


Forbes Media featured Mount Everest Skydiving in Nepal among the 11 places to skydive in 2016 (


Huffington Post published a blog titled ‘5 Reasons Why Traveling to Nepal Will Change Your Life’ mentioning the reasons due to which travelers from around the world shall feel that their life has changed after visiting Nepal. ( ). This has further promoted Nepal as a tourist destination in the international arena.


So, why wait? Book a trip to Nepal and enjoy the diverse activities Nepal has to offer before you miss your desired season for visit to Nepal. Spring is already underway and flowers shall begin blooming to their full potential very soon. Pack your bags, pick up the camera and come to the wonderland of Nepal. See you soon in Nepal!


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