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How Hard is Everest Base Camp Trek?

“Getting to Everest Base Camp and standing at an altitude of 5,364 meters is chastely ecstatic; but it will test you in more ways than one.”

Just on the grounds that you are not summiting Mount Everest, don’t imagine that the trek to Everest Base Camp (EBC) is a simple undertaking. While a few people try to summit the greatest mountain on earth, it is sufficient for most trekkers to just remain at the base and experience the amazing stature of Mt. Everest from underneath. Therefore, here I shall be talking about some wide-ranging things which will help you gain an in-depth information on how tough the trekking trails are and what you should watch out for during the trek. So without any further ado let’s get in the main discussion of our topic right away.

First if all, the primary thing to clarify is that the Everest Base Camp Trek requires no specialized climbing skill and is basically a time-consuming yet rewarding journey to the EBC. Nonetheless, you have to understand that there are no roads to take you closer to the base camp. So each individual who wants to see the extraordinary mountain very close should trek through the Khumbu Valley initially from the airstrip of Lukla to the scenic trails leading to Base Camp and back again – unless, you can bear the cost of a helicopter! (obviously). The voyage more often than takes about half a month and can at times appear a little overwhelming to an amateur explorer. In any case, don’t frenzy, it’s exceptionally achievable! Trust me on that.

That being stated, there are various significant variables to consider before trekking the course, for example, duration, altitude and preparation that will help you conquer the EBC course in the correct manner. After a decently startling flight into Lukla, your 65 km trek to Everest Base Camp will start. Contingent upon your characteristics and how your physical condition is; 65 km might seem like a long separation. As a general rule, notwithstanding for a fledgling trekker, 65 km is not especially far when you believe that the normal strolling pace of an individual is 5 km for each hour. The strolling is made much simpler when you consider that your bigger packs will be carried by a porter.

Beginning just underneath 3,000 meters at Lukla, the trek relentlessly winds its path upwards to Everest Base Camp at 5,364 meters. At 3,000 meters, Lukla is as of now high and you should take the trek gradually in the event if you aspire to arrive at Base Camp securely and firmly. Also the most flabbergasting highpoint of the trek can be Kala Pathar as it typically is sited as an excellent view point at 5,554 meters which showcases the mesmerizing beauty of the great Himalayan wonders. And do remember that normally it is highly prioritized to have two acclimatization days amid the trek which is a very critical factor for the welfare and solace of trekkers heading towards the base camp. This is to help your body to adjust to the high altitudes as you climb to higher elevations.

Despite the fact that this does not sound long, the terrain can regularly be steep, rough, moderate going and, contingent upon the season, frosty and blanketed. Remember this is a wild trek and at no time is the way cleared. Similarly, as with most ways in the Himalayas, the trek extremely moves here & there and you should make sure to get enough rest frequently to avoid over-tiredness. Height is the most troublesome part of the trek and makes the generally simple length of the trek appear to be very far in trekkers perspective. Keep in mind about High Altitude Mountain Sickness which is a genuine condition that ought not be thought little of or trifled with by anybody, particularly while trekking a course of this elevation.

Ultimately, I hope that the aforementioned points have given you some deep insights with regards to the hardships of the Everest Base Camp Trek which can help you prepare for the trek more effectively from this point onward.

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