everest base camp trek difficulty

How Hard is Everest Base Camp Trek?

“Getting to Everest Base Camp and standing at an altitude of 5,364 meters is chastely ecstatic; but it will test you in more ways than one.”

Just on the grounds that you are not summiting Mount Everest, don’t imagine that the trek to Everest Base Camp (EBC) is a simple undertaking. While a few people try to summit the greatest mountain on earth, it is sufficient for most trekkers to just remain at the base and experience the amazing stature of Mt. Everest from underneath. Therefore, here I shall be talking about some wide-ranging things which will help you gain an in-depth information on how tough the trekking trails are and what you should watch out for during the trek. So without any further ado let’s get in the main discussion of our topic right away.

First if all, the primary thing to clarify is that the Everest Base Camp Trek requires no specialized climbing skill and is basically a time-consuming yet rewarding journey to the EBC. Nonetheless, you have to understand that there are no roads to take you closer to the base camp. So each individual who wants to see the extraordinary mountain very close should trek through the Khumbu Valley initially from the airstrip of Lukla to the scenic trails leading to Base Camp and back again – unless, you can bear the cost of a helicopter! (obviously). The voyage more often than takes about half a month and can at times appear a little overwhelming to an amateur explorer. In any case, don’t frenzy, it’s exceptionally achievable! Trust me on that.

That being stated, there are various significant variables to consider before trekking the course, for example, duration, altitude and preparation that will help you conquer the EBC course in the correct manner. After a decently startling flight into Lukla, your 65 km trek to Everest Base Camp will start. Contingent upon your characteristics and how your physical condition is; 65 km might seem like a long separation. As a general rule, notwithstanding for a fledgling trekker, 65 km is not especially far when you believe that the normal strolling pace of an individual is 5 km for each hour. The strolling is made much simpler when you consider that your bigger packs will be carried by a porter.

Beginning just underneath 3,000 meters at Lukla, the trek relentlessly winds its path upwards to Everest Base Camp at 5,364 meters. At 3,000 meters, Lukla is as of now high and you should take the trek gradually in the event if you aspire to arrive at Base Camp securely and firmly. Also the most flabbergasting highpoint of the trek can be Kala Pathar as it typically is sited as an excellent view point at 5,554 meters which showcases the mesmerizing beauty of the great Himalayan wonders. And do remember that normally it is highly prioritized to have two acclimatization days amid the trek which is a very critical factor for the welfare and solace of trekkers heading towards the base camp. This is to help your body to adjust to the high altitudes as you climb to higher elevations.

Despite the fact that this does not sound long, the terrain can regularly be steep, rough, moderate going and, contingent upon the season, frosty and blanketed. Remember this is a wild trek and at no time is the way cleared. Similarly, as with most ways in the Himalayas, the trek extremely moves here & there and you should make sure to get enough rest frequently to avoid over-tiredness. Height is the most troublesome part of the trek and makes the generally simple length of the trek appear to be very far in trekkers perspective. Keep in mind about High Altitude Mountain Sickness which is a genuine condition that ought not be thought little of or trifled with by anybody, particularly while trekking a course of this elevation.

Ultimately, I hope that the aforementioned points have given you some deep insights with regards to the hardships of the Everest Base Camp Trek which can help you prepare for the trek more effectively from this point onward.

Places to visit in Nepal during Christmas

Top 4 Places to visit in Nepal during Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and you might think twice before spending Christmas travelling. Yes, we all have been there when the urge of traveling to another country during Christmas seems plausible. But if you’re thinking about spending this Christmas in Nepal then let me tell you that Nepal has got a lot of surprises in store for you.  Here I shall give you some great suggestions about the Top 4 Places which you could visit while you stay in Nepal for Christmas.

So, be prepared because here is my list of Top 4 Places to visit in Nepal during this Christmas:


Fewa lake

Pokhara is the serene lake city of Nepal which just a few hours’ drive from the capital city Kathmandu. It is a place where tourism flourishes intensively hence; many people consider it as the major touristic center of Nepal which has been attracting thousands of travelers and explorers from around the globe since ages for its homogenous scenery and ventures. Here one can easily get in touch with the party clubs during the night and stroll around the lake side during the day. Majorly during Christmas this place turns into a western party heaven for foreigners who look forward to enjoying their Christmas moments with their friends and families.

Annapurna Base Camp

ABC Trek

Annapurna Base Camp is the most visited trekking region in Nepal. It is indisputably and undeniably the place to venture upon if one seeks enthusiasm of trekking and exploring this mega vast region of magnificent panoramic landscape. Trekking is a major source of income for people of Nepal, so if you decide on traversing down the terrains of Annapurna region with Nepalese trekking staff then you will be helping the Nepalese people to earn some bucks for their monthly living. Hence it will also make their Christmas as cherish able as yours.



Thamel can also be called as a traveler’s dreamland for foreign ecstasy. The iconic Thamel area of Kathmandu is unquestionably one of the most visited places in Kathmandu by a foreign tourist. It is certain that you will stay at a hotel situated near this iconic area so it won’t be hard to find a place good enough to celebrate your Christmas here. If you are party freak and like heavy metal music then I suggest you to go and visit the Purple Haze Club in the evening. You are sure to find many cafés and restaurants open till late hours to get you in for the Christmas night with good music and good food.

Everest Base Camp

Everest Trek

Nepal is mostly famous as the Land of majestic Himalayas and among all of those Mt. Everest stands all above them with a soaring height of 8,848 m. Thus it won’t be a bad idea to visit the Base Camp of this glorious and compelling mountain. It shall be a dream come true for every trekker who dreams of viewing the sturdy mountain peak of Mt. Everest. And it can be a great Christmas for you to remember for your entire life as you shall be at the grandiose imposing beauty of the legendary Himalayas during this Christmas holiday.

Things to do in Kathmandu

Things to do in Kathmandu

For newcomers to Kathmandu it can be a little overwhelming as Kathmandu has a lot of things going on at once. The capital city, Kathmandu has a welcomed many travelers and explorers to Nepal through its International Airport which makes people wonder what are the things they could do here while they stay in Kathmandu. So here we are about to be discussing about where and what you could be doing inside Kathmandu instead of sleeping and getting bored. And down below you shall see that I have listed some activities/things which you might want to do if you stay in Kathmandu.

Go for a spiritual trip around the valley


Kathmandu is considered as the city of thousand’s temple and so you can expect to see a lot of temples. Not only that but many historically and religiously important stupas and temples have been constructed around Kathmandu Valley. So it is a good alternative to explore these cultural heritages for a day while you stay in Kathmandu. You can go to Boudhanath, Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath and other places of Kathmandu in one go. It is certain that you will learn a lot about Nepalese religion if you decide to go for a spiritual/cultural tour.

Rickshaw Night Tour

Rickshaw Night Tour

Let’s begin our list with the all night long Rickshaw tours which you have to experience for yourself before saying anything about it. Yes it may sound a little weird at first but just think about every place and every country has their own unique specialties and just like that a Rickshaw night tour is one of the basic things you could do which represents how the way of normal people is here in Kathmandu. Yes, you can rent a private vehicle but what’s the glamour in that as that doesn’t let you get in touch with the actual beauty and dazzling lights of Kathmandu during the night. So it’s highly recommended to take a Rickshaw and just go for a ride.

Visit to ancient Nepalese Pottery Workshops

Nepalese Pottery

We Nepalese have always been keen into pottery and so it resembles the distinctive parts of our Nepalese culture. Pottery is an ancient art of making many kinds of vessels and is culturally and traditionally important so if you have a leisure time then you can find yourself a Pottery workshops around Thamel and spend some hours learning and observing the craftsman ship done in that workshop. It is surely be a good time to learn about the ancient practices of Nepalese culture and history. And who knows you might even get to learn some important and unknown facts about Nepal’s pottery.

Taste the local street food


Lastly if you love exotic foods and like trying different kinds of foods then Kathmandu is the perfect city for you. You may have tasted the top class foods prepared by top class chefs at some restaurant or hotel in Kathmandu but unless you try some of Kathmandu’s local street food, you cannot taste the authentic and genuine food of Nepalese cuisines. Just get of your hotel room and go for a stroll around, you are bound to find many food stalls in various parts near your hotel. Try some local street food and revitalize your taste buds.


Tips for first time trekker in Nepal

Trekking in a beautiful mountainous country Nepal is an exhilarating experience. Nepal is quite famous for trekking and is popular destination for both novice as well as professional trekkers. If you are planning for a trek in Nepal and you have never trekked before, then this article definitely helps you for your upcoming trek. Follow the tips below to make your first trekking amazing and experience for life-time without unnecessary complications.

  1. Better for you to choose shorter treks in not so high altitudes

Nepal provides many trekking trials for trekkers. Some are more difficult, some are less comparatively. It’s better for you to start off easy by choosing shorter treks in not so high altitude regions if it is your first time. There are shorter treks in low altitude regions that are equally exhilarating if not more compared to longer difficult treks in very high altitudes.

  1. Use trekking agency or prepare enough to go independent

If it’s your first time, then it is better for you to go through trekking agency because it manages and organizes almost everything. It’s beneficial even for the most independent souls to use trekking agency, because it will save your time and you don’t have to be frustrated since all your arrangements are made by agency. Trekking agency will provide you an experienced English-speaking local guide who becomes your friend or partner for trekking. The guide will assist you, take you to the lesser known and newly recognized areas and provide you with information that is not mentioned in your guidebook. The trekking agency will also manage porters for you to carry all your belongings besides your day pack which you carry. There are some treks like Manaslu circuit trek where expert guide is mandatory. There are many trekking agencies in Nepal especially in Thamel area of Kathmandu. You have to be careful while choosing such agency considering cost, itinerary and others. You can go independent too but there are many chances for you on the way or trek to get confused, lost, unsure of and perplexed.

  1. Don’t expect luxuries of the cities

You should not only be physically prepared but mentally too. Keep in your mind that you are going for a trek in high altitude local areas away from luxuries of the cities. Don’t expect fancy hotels and cozy lodges in village areas. The tea houses and lodges of those villages are simple and do not have enough facilities like that of cities. Food is not cooked by professional chef there and menu of food is limited. You find eastern squat toilets common there and do not expect to take shower with warm water every day there. Understand that the food gets expensive as you move to higher altitude and more remote areas. No matter even if there are not enough facilities, be positive and experience nature in its original form.


  1. Listen to your body

This is an important tip for trekkers. Many of us might not have the habit of walking up the mountains. You might suffer from altitude sickness in high altitude. If you start to feel the symptoms of altitude sickness, then you should immediately inform to your guide and trekking partners. Before trekking, it’s much beneficial to know about altitude sickness, its symptoms, prevention and treatment. While trekking, if your body demands rest, then you should and never treat trek like a race.

  1. Rent items if possible

You require trekking items such as gears for trekking. Why to extravagant money buying items in high price if you can rent them in low price if you are not a regular hiker? Hiking gears can be rented as well in cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara. Renting items will save you enough money.

  1. Know about the country and people

Before trekking, it’s beneficial for you if you know something about the country Nepal and lifestyle of Nepalese people. You can simply check on Google to know about the local people of trekking areas, their language and lifestyle. If you know few Nepali words like ‘Namaste’, it becomes easier for you to connect to local people.

Hope, the above few tips are helpful to make your trekking experience exhilarating and unforgettable one. Have an amazing trekking in Nepal. Enjoy!!!


Dashain: Triumph of Good over Evil

“It’s a part of Nepalese culture, which just never tends to get weary”

Dashain is Nepal’s most essential and richly praised celebration. The principal day of the celebration is known as Ghatasthapana-the setting of the sacrosanct vessel. As indicated by the convention, every single faithful Hindu ought to scrub down in the sacred waterway and return conveying some sand from the riverbed. In the meantime, a little earth pot is loaded with water from the same stream and set by the sand. Scarcely seeds are planted in this pot and sustained for nine days. Similarly as with other Nepalese celebrations, this custom has likewise a particular importance. For this situation, the waterway water speaks to the mother goddess Durga, who as indicated by legend pounded numerous capable devil swarms in an epic fight. For the following nine days, commits, go to various endorsed destinations for early morning showers.

Dashain commends the unavoidable triumph of virtues over bad habit, of truth over misrepresentation and of equity over foul play. The goddess Durga known as the goddess of triumph is venerated with awesome dedication, amid the initial nine days called Nawa Durga. Individuals swarm to the all around kept up sanctuaries of the Goddess Durga. They make penances of goats, bison, and so on. The Chandi, an account of triumph accomplished by gods over demons in Satya Yugy, is discussed for consecration and sacredness. It is trusted that in Treta Yuga, Lord Rama had secured triumph in the wake of performing puja to Goddess Durga. The tenth day known as Vijayadashami is the principle day of the excursion celebration. On this day, individuals get red tika, jamara and favors from their seniors. Red tika is the image of both fortune and triumph in Hindu society.

Generally on the eighth day of the celebration is known as Mahashtami and is set apart by a quick by every single conventional Hindu. In the morning, creature penances are completed at sanctuaries committed to Goddess Durga. On the ninth day, all sanctuaries committed to Durga are washed in conciliatory blood. On this day, even vehicles and other mechanical things are loved and relinquished to counteract mishaps amid the coming year. Correspondingly, all instruments, weapons and actualizes of all callings are adorned with the expectation that Durga will favor their value and precision.

This festival not only is the main festival of Hindu in Nepal but rather it’s also an opportunity for tourists to get a cultural experience throughout Nepal. You have the chance to see the true colors of Nepalese culture and tradition. During this time Nepal’s trekking season also starts so if you come to Nepal not only you get the chance to trek in a perfect time but also you get to see Nepalese culture and tradition at its best. People put Tika’s and wear new clothes during Dashain. You can see all these things while walking around the valley in Dashain. Come to Nepal and see for yourself why Dashain is considered a major festival by the Nepalese.

ghorepani trek in nepal

Top Short Treks in Nepal

“You have to get lost before you can be found”

Trekking has become a very vital part of Nepal’s economy. There are many kinds of Treks available currently in Nepal but for the people who have less time to go on a long Trek, short treks are the one for them. These short and easy treks in Nepal are sure to leave you astonished with their own unique beauty without much physical hardship. Nepal offers variety of treks to all types of trekking enthusiasts. From the world’s most extreme trek, “the great Himalayan Trail” to the most beautiful one day treks in the world, Nepal satisfies the desires of every type of trekking enthusiasts. If you wish to savor the beauty of trekking in this Himalayan paradise, but cannot afford the hard physical strain, then Nepal has a beautiful but yet easy treks to offer you.

Tourists always have loved Nepal as one of the main destinations for trekking. It has lots of routes and a short trip/trek can be arranged easily for those who have a tight schedule to cover. Below is the list of Top Short Treks of Nepal:

1-Everest Panorama Trek

This trek takes you into the heart of the Everest Region of Nepal. After a spectacular flight to Lukla you’ll hike the first 4 days of the Everest Base Camp trail, until you reach Tengboche Monastery with its amazing views on Ama Dablam. Everest Panorama trek will be the best way to experience Nepal in a short period of time in the foothills of Mount Everest. A combination of Everest region trekking tour gives you the best of adventure activities in Nepal. Everest Base Camp trekking is a dream come true for most of the adventurers but if you think that you want to include many other adventure activities while you are in Nepal and you have short period of time, then this Everest region trekking up to a beautiful mountain town of Tengboche.

2-Ghorepani Trek

The 4-day Ghorepani trek, in the Pokhara region, leads trekkers to the famous viewpoint of Poon Hill. The usual route follows a loop via Ghandruk on the way out. Ghorepani Poon Hill trek is a 5 day long trip to one of the most famous places in the Annapurna region, which used to be the main pass for Tibetan traders to get to Pokhara from Mustang. The trek is considered to be one of the best treks in Nepal.  The trail is blessed with vantage points where you get to witness the magnificent Dhaulagiri and Annapurna during beautiful sunrises. The Ghandrung village is a beautiful balance between nature and culture- an ethnic Gurung village with rich traditions and Buddhist culture with the panoramic view of Annapurna range embracing the entire skyline.

3-Kathmandu Valley Trek (Nagarkot / Dhulikhel)

For those with only a few days to spare in Nepal, this 2-day trek will give you a taste of trekking in Nepal and still offers great views on the mountains. The trailhead of this 2-day trek is easily reached within an hour drive from the center of Kathmandu. You’ll stay overnight in the village of Nagarkot, with its famous sunrise views on the Himalayas. Guided by expert trekking guides, this trek is ideal for those trekkers having shorter time to witness and experience a typical trekking day in Nepal. This trek can be done all over the year and by all trekkers’ even kids and old people.

4- Ghandruk Trek

This classic 3-day trek in the Pokhara region leads you through vegetable paddies and stone stairs to the picturesque village of Ghandruk. The views on Annapurna south are spectacular. The Ghandruk Cultural trek is an easy one through comfortable trails with a maximum 6 hours of trekking a day. With no risk of altitude sickness and other problems, the trek is best even for families with children or the elderly. The scenic mountain views are excellent from the various viewpoints however the highlight of the trek is the Gurung village where you get to indulge in the traditional customs and celebrations. On the trip, you traverse through lovely forests, lush hilly villages and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the different terrains that adorn the area.

5-Jomsom Trek

Another great option in the Annapurna region is to fly to Jomsom, via Pokhara, and get a taste of the Mustang area which resembles Tibet. To the north of Pokhara is a trekker’s paradise, famously known as the Jomsom trek. The trek in itself brings out the best that Nepal has to offer with the vast diversity along with high mountains and deep valley trails. In the Jomsom trek, one gets to sample differentiating geographical climates and terrains ranging from subtropical jungles to windy, dry plateau conditions which is a miniature picture of Tibet. Hikers are left in awe and wonder at such surreal scenery and culture. Cultures and traditions are unraveled to you, of both the high and low lands.

6- Pikey Peak

This 13,500 feet Pikey peak entwines with the Chyabe across east to west. Pikey peak, in the lower Everest Region, offers great views of Mount Everest from a distance. The trail follows the first part of the Everest trail from Jiri. The Pikey Daanda is most popular for its sunrise and sunset views and one can enjoy the glorious sight of the peaks beyond the Kathmandu Valley to the plains along with the Himalayan range of Mt. Everest, Makalu and Annapurna.

7-Shivapuri Trek

This short trek to the second highest hill surrounding the valley is for those who enjoy a comfortable trek. Shivapuri Trek allows you to enjoy the watershed, wildlife as well as the different birds and insects that vary according to the different seasons. As the trek can be done throughout the year, you can have a different experience of the flora and fauna at different times. While enjoying the sights of the valley below, the eastern mountain ranges you get to witness rural Nepali life between the sunsets and sunrises. From the various vantage points, you can see the mountains welcoming you with mesmerizing views which will make the hike worthwhile.

Taj Mahal Agra

Tips for First Time Visitors in India

“India, a country whose life basis is Dharma”

Are you in need of Travel Tips for India? If yes, then this blog is just for you. India, where geographical, lingual, religious and cultural diversities are too overwhelming, leaves its visitors truly inspired and astonished. However, the unwary first time travelers may fail to draw similar emotions from their travel experiences in the country. Exploring India without good research and planning may not only ruin your travel endeavor, but may also deprive you from discovering the absolutely stimulating facets the land is known for. You must have heard about an old adage, ‘First impression is the last impression’. So being a first timer in India one has to experience its true beauty otherwise one might not feel good after the ending of their tour. This blog will try offering you some of the best travel options if you are a first time visitor in India. So when the first thought of India tour sprouts in your mind, pay attention to these essential Travel Tips for First Time Visitors as they are necessary for determining your tour experience in India.

  • Choose destinations according to weather conditions. Not every place in India offers year-round tourism. For example, hill stations like Shimla, Mussoorie, Darjeeling and Manali are best visited in summers while most of the popular destinations like Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa, Varanasi, Mumbai and Hampi enjoy great travel conditions in winters. Due to extreme climatic conditions, this is one of the most important amongst the India travel tips.
  • It is better to plan an itinerary clubbing together those falling either on a popular route (like Golden Triangle Tours featuring Delhi, Agra and Jaipur) or in one category (religious, nature, adventure, history, heritage or wildlife).
  • The hotel rent may form the major part of your travel cost. Budget hotels are available, but you need to choose carefully considering hygiene, comfort and safety. It is always a god practice to consult some experts – refer a Lonely Planet Guide or Trip Advisor website to read about hotel reviews before booking.
  • Book air tickets, accommodations, train tickets much in advance. This tip is also one of the most important amongst the India travel tips.

India first timer tours are exclusively arranged for the first timers visiting India. As India offers unique travel opportunities, its diversity in food, dress, ethos, customs, traditions, religions, and languages make one feel interacting with one of the richest and finest countries in the world. Even if you may be a first timer, we won’t let you feel for a moment. Most trips to India will start or end in one of the country’s main cities. While these can be a sensory shock for a first-time visitor, there is much to be gained from a night or two in an Indian city.

So now let’s get to the part where I suggest you some things that you should rather do, if you are a first time visitor in India. By now you might have known that India is a big country with many places where you can go. But for now let us discuss about what Himalayan Travels has to offer you for your first time visit in India. Let’s say you want to visit many UNESCO World Heritage sites and one of the seven wonders of the world –Taj Mahal; world famous Pink city of Jaipur, enjoy an elephant ride, visit majestic forts & Maharaja Palace. Then our “Best of Rajasthan with Taj Mahal” tour package will be a great choice for you as it provides you with many spectacular experiences as you travel to Rajasthan and Taj Mahal, being the most treasured eye catching place for tourists in India, is a place you would want to visit too so this tour package provides you all of that. With that being said now let’s focus on exploring local cultures, traditions, history with sightseeing opportunities at Taj Mahal and other major attractions, forts, palaces, temples along with wildlife exploration activities. For this kind of tour we suggest you to choose our “Temple and Tiger Tour”. You get the opportunity to gain cultural experiences during our Temples and Tigers Tour which will be a fun filled holiday with enjoyable moments.

Along with that we recommend you to look at our most popular tour “The Golden Triangle Tour” that introduces the best of India’s diversified culture, history and sights around Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. Along with visit around forts, monuments and time to immerse in Rajasthani cultural colors at Jaipur with chance to photograph yourself infront of Taj Mahal at Agra. But say if you want a longer tour than this then our “Cultural Heritage of India Tour” is perfect for you as it is an extended version of popular Golden Triangle Tour. Along with visit to Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, we also explore further around Gwalior, Khajuraho, and Varanasi that offers a great chance to get insights into diversified Indian culture. Also if you want a short and easy trip you can select our “Kashmir Tour” it’s very at ease type of tour at north western India, which is recommended for every traveler. We also have our “The Indian Panorama Tour” which provides an exclusive opportunity to relish royalty, spirituality while visiting centuries old heritage sites. From immortal beauty of Taj to temples and wilderness of Ranthanbore to imperial splendors of Lucknow; experience it all riding on royal train of Maharaja’s Express within our tour package.

To be honest, as a first time visitor in India you might also just want go around amazing destinations with rich cultural insights while visiting best of heritage sites of India. So in that case our “Colors of India Tour” package will be a good choice for you. During our Colors of India Tour you get to discover the diversity in culture, architectural temples, shrines, palaces, forts and taste the best of Indian cuisines too. For the people who want to spend 24 hrs on board a luxury houseboat traversing the tranquil canals of India’s famous backwaters then our “Enchanting South India Tour” package is the one for you. All these are just an option’s which the “Himalayan Treasures and Travel” provide for you that may help you to experience India in a very satisfactory manner as a first time visitor.
While this was just an attempt to provide comprehensive tips for first time visitors in India, you can contact “Himalayan Treasures and Travel” anytime to know more detailed information about these tour packages.

yoga treks in Nepal

Yoga Treks in Nepal

Yoga Treks in Nepal combines the best of adventure and the ancient way of connecting to your inner self that also provides exponential benefit to the body. While the benefits of yoga are several, the advantages of increase in flexibility, muscle strength, improved respiration, energy and vitality, cardio and circulatory help, and improved athletic performance are the major ones that resonate to the adventure of trekking. On the other hand, when you go for trekking into the wilderness of natural Nepal, you explore the outer world, experience diversity in terms of wildlife, terrain, cultures and traditions.  Combining the benefits of these, yoga treks in Nepal offer you something that you never had experienced before in traditional packages. Then why combine yoga and trekking? Let’s find out.


Why Yoga and trekking combined?

Yoga treks in Nepal combine the yoga and trekking adventures to create a unique package for the trekkers and explorers. The major reasons to combine these two includes, the attempt to give variation to the trekkers and help trekkers complete their adventure with more endurance and internal strength received from regular trekking. The benefits of yoga as mentioned above are very helpful for trekkers exploring the hilly and mountainous terrains of Nepal.

If you go for a yoga trek in Nepal, your day shall generally start with a session of yoga and meditation which shall make you more energized and less prone to the small injuries and altitude related ailments to certain extent. Morning session shall prepare you for the long walks during the day. The yoga session at the end of the day shall make your body feel relaxed thereby help you enjoy a sound sleep. Another reason yoga and trekking is combined is that the pleasure derived from yoga treks is more than the case when you are going for trekking only.

On top of that, Nepal is perfect for practicing yoga. In these mountains ancient sage developed their knowledge. In modern era as well, you shall be able to immerse yourself into a land and people that resonate with ancient yogic wisdom. So combining trekking and yoga shall be beneficial for you in many ways.


Yoga treks in popular trekking destinations

Offering yoga with adventure in the popular trekking destinations is a relatively recent trend among the trekking companies in Nepal. You shall have yoga trekking experiences in the Everest region in the packages such as Everest Panorama Trek, Everest View Trek and so on. Some trekking companies have combined trekking in the short treks such as Ghorepani Poonhill, Chisapani Nagarkot, Chitlang and so on. Besides, you can also find companies blending in yoga and trekking in the longer trekking routes such as Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Pokhara has recently being emerged as the popular trail-head for the yoga trekking to the popular trekking destinations in this region. The trekking packages being offered links the package with sacred destinations, dedicated mostly to Hindu and Buddhist deities of Lord Shiva and Guru Rimpoche respectively, to bring more significance to this blend of yoga and adventure trekking.


Yoga treks in Nepal basically are the confluence of ancient practice of yoga and meditation, and the thrill of adventure derived from trekking in rugged Himalayan terrains. This combination has helped the trekkers and adventure seekers to have relaxation, better enjoy the adventure and shield themselves from minor injuries and problems. In turn, the trekking companies and trekkers themselves benefit from better engagement and diverse experiences. If you are an adventure seeker who wishes to go for this blend of trekking and yoga practice, go for Yoga Treks in Nepal with Himalayan Treasures and Travel.


Check out our fall 2016 scheduled Everest Yoga trek departures:



Hiking in Nepal

6 Travel Tips That Are Of Help To Introverts

After all, being an introvert doesn’t mean that you don’t travel or don’t have strong desire to travel, isn’t it? Travelling when you are an introvert is an awesome experience, though challenges pop out during your travel. If an introvert like you follows some experiences of other introverts, I guess things shall become lot easier. In a situation when you are on the road and out of your comfort zone, tips like below shall come handy.


  1. Schedule some time when you spend it all by yourself

If you are traveling in group, may be your group plans for some activities that you don’t want to go out for. Say, if your group has group dinner every day or if your fellow group members plan some seeing things you aren’t interested in, it’s okay to skip it. For some not so important activities (at least you may think it to be unimportant), its okay to stay back, relax and recharge.


  1. May be you can go for some solo traveling

Introverts are people with passion for observation and not expressing themselves loud. For this reason, if you are more comfortable with wandering on your own and observe things rather than having someone to tell to, go for solo travel.


  1. Bring a journal with you

I’m sure, being an introvert, you like to reflect on things and process the events going on around you all alone. Journal can be a perfect thing for this. You can go to a café or coffee shop and write down your travel thoughts and experiences in a journal. Record your thoughts of the moment. It’s wonderful equipment for introverts. Trust an introvert on this!


  1. Stay near a good coffee shop, library or bookshop

Whether you go for home-stay or for some bed and breakfast only option, be sure you have a good coffee shop around the place of your stay. Coffee shops provide a good observation place for introverts; you hear to people who know all the cool stuffs happening around town and find out subtle things about local culture.


  1. Read about your destination(s)

Because introverts enjoy reading books and other literature, utilize this habit to know more about the places you opt to travel to. Try to find out the places mentioned in that literature and try finding out if the cultural references actually work the way they are mentioned. Enrich your travel experiences and learn about the new world you are going to be a part of.


  1. Go for natural wilderness

Almost like an established fact its known that introverts love exploring the wilderness. People like you love to move at your own pace and in sync with the nature. This also serves your purpose where you want to know things and experience those without being influenced by others. For introverts who find tempted enough to go relaxed and explore things on their own, heading into nature serves the best.

Fellow introverts, try these tips that have been presented here which are based on experiences of other introverts like you. Feel blessed to have sharp observation ability and the tendency to get immersed into new environment rather than having an urge to ‘do things’. Plan ahead of your travel, know what you actually want from the trip and make preparations accordingly. Have a happy traveling and be a free soul!

In quest of Solitude: to the lap of Nepalese Himalayas

Whether you are a passionate explorer or a lukewarm traveler, an outgoing extrovert or a reserved introvert, traveling to the vicinity of Himalayas must have been on the top of your wish list. The reasons may be several and your pursuit of adventure and solitude may be one of the explicit or implicit reasons. So where does the search of solitude and adventure in the Himalayas come together? Let’s explore this aspect of traveling.

The common ground for adventure in the Himalayas and your search of solitude is the diversity, novelty, natural and cultural richness and quaint trekking trails offered to you by the enchanting Nepal. Wouldn’t you like to have a quick look on the unique things Nepal has to offer you in this regard? Read on.

Breathtaking splendor and diversity in Everest and Annapurna region

This is one of major reason you should be trekking or exploring in Nepal for your solitude. The glory of following the footsteps of legendary Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hilary, the first Everest climbers, in the Everest region brings to you rich cultural ensembles of Sherpa community, challenging yet beautiful high altitude passes, scenic Himalayan vistas and remains of ancient civilization reflected in monasteries and stupas in Everest region. On the other hand, diverse terrain and altitude, resulting diversity of vegetation and wildlife, unique shaped peaks and inhabitation of various communities in the Annapurna region makes it special. Though filled with rush at the peak season, you shall find peace and solitude within this chaos in Everest and Annapurna region.

Kathmandu valley: a valley of beautiful chaos

When you first land in this medieval aged city immediately a chaos shall take a toll upon you. Buzzing traffic and rush markets may upset you. But wait! Kathmandu hides a beauty within this chaos. Explore the ancient heritages of three twin cities of this valley (Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur) and find solace be gifted to you. Buddhist pilgrimages of Swayambhunath and Boudhanath Stupas and Hindu sacred shrine of Pashupatinath Temple are enough to help you find solitude. The masterpieces in the Durbar Squares in these cities shall make you do the time travel.

Langtang: the valley of glaciers

Langtang name comes from Tibetan language where ‘Lang’ means Yak and ‘Tang’ means to follow, where myths have it that this valley was discovered by a monk who was following his lost yak that came towards this region. So what are you waiting for? Find the inner peace in the amazingly beautiful valley of Langtang with insight on Tamang culture, exploration of glaciers at relatively low altitude, quaint trails and authentic indigenous cultured villages. Its proximity to Kathmandu valley makes the access to this valley easier.

Unexplored and raw beauty of Manaslu

Travelled by around 6500 trekkers a year against more than 25000 in the Everest region and 100000 in the Annapurna, Manaslu region remains fairly unexplored and its authenticity rather untouched and unadulterated. As you traverse into the raw wilderness in the trails of this region and navigate through the dramatic valleys, circle around Manaslu, the 8th highest peak in the world and pay visit to ancient Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the Tsum valley of this region, you shall experience the solitude never felt before.

Unique landscape and ancient caves of Upper Mustang

Your search for solitude from the chaos of metropolis and deadlines at work has its perfect end in the semi-arid landscape of Upper Mustang. In this trans-Himalayan region, you shall get to explore the ancient walled city of Lo Manthang, whitewashed and quaint stupas and monasteries with quaint trails, Tibetan flavored culture and lifestyle, rain shadow areas and some weird looking rituals. You realize a different meaning of life after being here and receiver your share of solitude, peace and adventure you are looking for.

To conclude, your quest for adventure and solitude shall find their melting points in the vicinity of Himalayas, in Nepal. A region chosen by enlightened souls in the prehistoric eras and haven for explorers, adventure seekers and free-soul travelers, Nepalese Himalayas continues to be the symbol of accomplishment and adventure. Therefore, if you are a soul who seeks solitude and change from the hustle and bustle of metropolis and embarks on a journey to discover yourself while discovering the world, you are welcomed to Nepal, the Land of Himalayas.

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